Content strategy starts on your homepage.

Conventional wisdom states that you HAVE to have a website. Are you a new business? Are you a nonprofit organization? Are you a school?

It doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever you are, you HAVE to have a website.

But why? Why do you need a website so badly? There are a lot of reasons, really. Here are just the top three:

  • Without a website, visitors or donors – especially younger people – won’t find you credible. The thought process is: if you’re not established enough to have a website, you’re not a legitimate option for me.
  • Without a website, visitors or donors can’t FIND you. We’re a connected society these days. We do all of our research online and, for all intents and purposes, if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist online. Even if you’re present on social media, Google and other search engines will rank websites higher than most social media results.
  • Your website is the centerpiece of any great online content strategy. Without it, you’re missing your cornerstone and your strategy will be incomplete at best – ineffective at worst.

There’s a lot to go over there, but right now, we’re going to be focusing on that last point: how your website acts as the foundation for your entire online content strategy.

URLs Everywhere

Have you noticed that there are web addresses (URLs) everywhere that you look these days? On billboards, menus, newspaper coupons, even on the label of the milk carton in your fridge. URLs are everywhere. And there’s a reason for this. These companies know and follow this marketing principle – their website is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign.

Any content that you send out into the world will, in one way or another, serve to promote you and your website. Any email, print piece, advertisement, handout, nearly everything you create will provide a very simple suggestion: visit the website. This is as simple and easy as a call to action gets.

Visit Our Website

When designed and managed correctly, your website is the central, informative, interactive face of your organization for your online audience. It is where people discover you and your work and it’s where they experience your personality and purpose. It’s no surprise that you see web addresses nearly everywhere you look. It’s the best way to invite someone to get to know you as an organization.

What does a well-designed website do?

  • Tells the story of who you ARE as an organization
  • Attractively displays & describes what you do
  • Effectively channels specific audiences to specific actions
  • Makes it easy for your audience to find the information that they are looking for
  • Provides opportunities for further audience engagement
  • Collects and manages contact/visitor information through forms and analytics
  • Tracks audience engagement with specific types of content

When you think of your website as the central component connecting all channels of your content strategy, it ceases to be simply an informational tool and becomes a transformational tool.

From the moment your site becomes live, all of your content will link to it. Social media accounts created for your organization will point back to your website. Email blasts will direct people to your website for more information. Print brochures will offer readers your URL to learn more. Everything that you create comes with a very simple call to action: Visit our website.

Now that you have visitors coming to your website, the question then becomes, “How do I create the right kind of content to captivate and energize my audience to take the next step?”

If you’re not sure where to begin, we can help you build a beautiful website and develop a content plan that will put you on track to reach, engage, and grow your audience, both online and offline. Get in touch with us today.

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