More Loans Faster

Everyone in the mortgage industry is searching for a way to close more loans faster, reduce the cost to produce a loan, improve process transparency, and significantly reduce the incidence of loan defects. That’s where LoanBeam comes in. LoanBeam is a technology services company dedicated to meeting the needs of the mortgage lending community. Their proprietary software empowers lenders to automate the process of identifying documentation and calculating income.

LoanBeam came to Fastback for a new website, video content and for help with their marketing. We created an informative, engaging, mobile-responsive website that walked visitors through the process and explained the product in a way that made the complex comprehensible.

  • Responsive Website Design and Development
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy
  • Gated Content
  • Video Storyboarding + Scripting
  • Video Animation and Editing
  • Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Content Management System

“I was confident that the Fastback team was going to do great work creatively, what was surprising was how well they executed project management. Tight deadlines and over ambitious stakeholders, but Fastback got it done!”

Roby Robertson  Marketing and Development Manager


Video is the best way to reach LoanBeam’s target demographic so Fastback created two videos to engage and educate site visitors: an animated overview video and a product demo video. Click below to watch the Explainer video.


In order to ensure the clarity and impact of the LoanBeam website, Fastback wrote content which was strategically positioned to appeal to and engage with their primary and secondary target audiences. With an average time on page of over four minutes, we know that people are spending time with the content and that it is doing its job.

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